Members have two options for making payments – via E-Pay Express using a savings or checking account, or via check.

Please visit our FAQ for more information on using E-Pay Express!


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Member Payments

Mailing Address – Lockbox

Social Service Contractors Indemnity Pool
c/o Southwest Risk Services
P.O. Box 52712
Phoenix, AZ 85072-2712

Overnight Shipping Address – Lockbox

Wells Fargo Lockbox Services
c/o Social Service Contractors Indemnity Pool (52712)
1305 W. 23rd St.
Tempe, AZ 85282


How do I use E-Pay Express?
Members may pay online once the first account invoice has been sent.
  • Returning E-Pay Express user? Use your Login ID and Password to Log In.
  • Have your invoice? Use the invoice account number and authorization key (PIN) to Enroll or Make a PaymentClick the PAY NOW tab for one time payments.
  • No invoice handy? Use your account number to Register.
  • E-Pay Express FAQs
What Payment/Installment plans are available?
Members may choose to pay premiums in one Annual payment, or choose one of the following installment billing options:
  • 10 Monthly Installments - Pay one Down Payment plus nine monthly Installments.
  • Quarterly Installments - Pay one Down Payment plus three quarterly Installments.
Why didn’t I receive an invoice?
Did your Billing email address change? If so, please alert with the name and email address for your new billing contact.Did you move?  If so, please notify your insurance Agent/Broker.Did your prior installment payment exceed the amount due?  If there is nothing due, you will not receive an invoice.Is your Billing Account in past due status?  If you received a Notice of Intent to Cancel for Nonpayment of Premium, the current due will be included and replaces your installment invoice.
How am I billed if I have multiple policies?
SSCIP Members are provided with a billing account, and there is one invoice per billing account.  It will itemize premium information by policy number.
What happens if a policy is issued after the date coverage begins?
Your first Billing Invoice for the policy may include more than one installment payment due.
How am I billed for adding or deleting (endorsing) coverage on my policy?
Members with Installment billing will see the endorsement credit or additional premium due spread over remaining billing installments for the coverage period. Members making one annual premium payment receive one bill for the total endorsement.
What happens if I pay more or less than the Amount Due?
If more than the Amount Due is paid, the extra payment will be applied to your next installment proportionately to all policies on your account. For Accounts owned on policies with the same Due Date, the payment will be applied proportionately to all policies with the same Due Date.If the total Amount Due is not received by the Due Date, a Notice of Intent to Cancel for Non Payment may be issued for one or more policies on your account. If your account has more than one policy and you pay less than the Minimum Due, your payment will be applied first to amounts owed on policies with the oldest balance due.If a payment is returned by your bank for non-sufficient funds, or a policy is cancelled for nonpayment of premium and later reinstated, a $25.00 fee will be added to your Billing Statement.
Why are Additional Insureds copied on Notice of Intent to Cancel for Nonpayment of Premium?
An Additional Insured may be held vicariously liable for your organization’s negligence, so are required to be copied when a notice of intent to cancel for nonpayment of premium is sent. Additional Insureds receive Rescinding notices if payment is made before cancellation.
Who do I contact if I am experiencing difficulty making payments?
Please contact your Agent to discuss options for continuing your Membership in SSCIP.  SSCIP is unable to establish payment plans that extend credit to Members per SSCIP Bylaws and ARS 41-621.01 (H).
What happens if the Amount due is paid after the cancellation effective date?
After a policy is cancelled, we will bill you for any unpaid earned premium.  If you do not pay, the matter may be referred to collections.If a policy is cancelled for nonpayment of premium and later reinstated, a $25.00 fee will be added to your Billing Statement.If the account is not reinstated, the payment will be applied toward any unpaid earned premium on your account before any remainder is refunded.

For any other payment questions, contact our Policy Services Team