SSCIP customizes the underwriting process and develops coverages to protect the unique operations and assets of its Members. Services are delivered by its dedicated Underwriting team, with extensive social service underwriting experience.

SSCIP coverages include:
  • Auto
  • Property
  • General Liability
  • Professional Liability
  • Sexual Abuse and Molestation
  • Brokered D&O coverage
Agent/Broker Appointment
Becoming a SSCIP Agent or Broker is simple. Gather your W-9, evidence of Errors and Omissions coverage, and your License, and upload securely with the Broker Agreement. SSCIP will review the submission and notify the agency once appointment is approved.
Member Eligibility
SSCIP Members may be non-profit or for profit social service entities, and must have evidence of a direct contract or subcontract with one of the following governmental entities:
  • State of Arizona
  • Arizona County
  • Arizona City or Town
  • Arizona Political Subdivision

Eligibility does not guarantee coverage under the SSCIP program.  For questions about the type of contract, please contact your underwriter.

SSCIP membership can only be obtained through a licensed Arizona insurance agent who has been approved by SSCIP.

If an agent is not approved by SSCIP, review how to become an Agent/Broker. Refer to Agent/Broker Appointment section above.

Once application is received and Member is quoted, a premium deposit and signed membership agreement are required in order to issue a binder of coverage.

Member Agreement
Social Service providers apply for membership by signing an agreement outlining the conditions of participation, termination, risk management provisions and Member duties.

Application Questionnaires
and Supplements

Secure Document Submission

Claim Reporting

Member Payments

Ideas for Enhanced Coverage?

Do you have ideas to enhance the Pool’s
coverages? We’d like to hear from you.