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SSCIP Board of Trustees Votes to Enhance Coverages

​In order to continually provide relevant, affordable coverage to the social services community, the SSCIP Board of Trustees recently voted to expand several of the coverages already offered to Members and approve the addition of data security breach, or "cyber" coverage on all SSCIP policies. 

The SSCIP PAK coverage document is an attachment form that enhances SSCIP's standard Building and Personal Property (BPP) or Business Income (BI) forms. In order to meet the expanding needs of Arizona's social service contractors, several coverages were added to the SSCIP PAK form, including:

  • Automated Defibrillators
  • Conference Cancellation
  • Emergency Evacuation Expense
  • Sprinkler Leakage
  • Fundraising Event Blackout
  • Green Consultant Expense
  • Inventory and Appraisals of Loss
  • Lock Replacement
  • Mobile Medical Equipment
  • Retaining Walls
  • Water Damage
  • Precious Metals
  • Lease Cancellation Moving Expense

Additionally, several coverages already offered will now have expanded limits:

  • Accounts Receivable, including credit or charge card slips
  • Business Income Covered Property and Business Income Dependent Business Property
  • Fine Arts
  • Fire Department Service Charge
  • Fire Protection Device Recharge
  • Off-Premises Water, Communication, and Power Supply Failure
  • Ordinance or Law
  • Personal Effects of Residential Clients
  • Property In Transit-Owned Vehicles or Carrier or Bailee
  • Spoilage
  • Outdoor Property, Including Trees or Shrubs
  • Valuable Papers and Records

As SSCIP's Members continue to rely more heavily on electronic communication and data storage, there is an increased risk of data breach. In the wake of last fall's Target Stores hacking episode, the prospect of SSCIP Members' computer networks being targeted for theft of confidential data or client information is certainly a high-profile exposure.  However, the more likely exposures for social service providers are the less high-tech data breaches that can result from lost or stolen laptops and missing thumb drives containing confidential client information. Because of this exposure, SSCIP has enhanced its Building and Personal Property Coverage Form and its Commercial General Liability Coverage Form to include first- and third-party Data Security Breach coverage. These enhanced coverages, offered to Members at no additional premium charge, provide protection against the financial burden a social service provider might face for costs associated with responding to a data breach, and for liability exposures that exist when a client or other third party is harmed by the illicit use of their compromised personal information or data.

Additionally, SSCIP has partnered with IDentityTheft 911 to provide data breach assistance to every Member in the event confidential data has potentially been lost, stolen or otherwise compromised.  Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, IDentityTheft 911 offers immediate, comprehensive help and expertise in the event of a data security breach. Within the limits of the SSCIP coverage form, assistance would include notifying all parties potentially affected, covering the cost of credit monitoring, and the cost of providing assistance to those individuals whose information was acquired.  Additionally, liability coverage would protect the SSCIP Member in the event a claim is filed by a person or entity who felt they were damaged as a result of a breach.  In partnering with IDentityTheft 911, SSCIP Members are afforded local, 24-hour assistance and immediate response in the event of a potential data security breach.

For questions on coverage or new limits associated with your policy, please contact one of SSCIP's underwriters:

Kirsten Krause (602) 368-6501 / [email protected]

Penny Haworth-Rich (602) 368-6644 / [email protected]