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Becoming a Member


​To be eligible for SSCIP membership, you must first have a contract* with and receive funding from one of the following governmental entities or sub-divisions:

    • State of Arizona (Department of Economic Security; Department of Behavioral Health; etc.)

    • Regional Behavioral Health Authority (RBHA)

    • Arizona County

    • Arizona City or Town

Once eligibility is established, standard insurance applications and supplemental SSCIP applications/questionnaires (as required) must be completed and forwarded to SSCIP.

SSCIP membership can only be obtained through a licensed Arizona insurance agent who has been approved by SSCIP (find an agent here).  If your entity already has an insurance agent, whether or not that agent is currently approved by SSCIP, be sure to ask the agent to provide a quote from SSCIP!  Your insurance agent will assist you in completing any required SSCIP forms.  

Upon receipt of your entity's application, SSCIP will prepare and forward a quote. If your organization accepts the quote, a premium deposit is required in order to issue a binder of coverage. 

 A Member Agreement, which outlines the conditions of participation, term, termination, loss control provisions and duties of the Member, is also required for Membership. 

*Evidence of a contract is required when submitting applications.

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